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iVent Services provides web design services in the Blue Mountains, across Australia and internationally. As recipients of many web awards, iVent Services have the skills to provide innovative and unique web sites, cloud applications and mobile web solutions that attract attention and work hard for our clients. We specialise in best-in-class custom made, creative web design, web site hosting and eCommerce solutions, as well as web applications and mobile web strategies including mobile Web Apps and native smartphone applications. Our design objective is to always deliver attractive, concise, easy to navigate and secure websites and products to our clients. Our Portfolio presents a respectable cross section of government, community and business web sites and we have ensured that each site is unique to the individual client requirements. Located in the Blue Mountains, our team delivers professional and effective products and services 7 days a week. Why not ask us what we can do for your Web Presence. We go well beyond just building a web site for you - we gladly and openly give our clients advice on their whole web presence strategies, from the web site to web marketing, to social networking marketing strategies and more...
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Video Promotions                                           Contact us to discuss your Video Promotion. Video is the most powerful communication tool on the web! Videos provide a dynamic, interactive experience for your visitors. By using video, your web site can highlight promotions, provide tutorials, show customers how products operate etc. Videos can convey more essential data in a shorter time. Visitors to your site don’t have to read long texts or jump between pages to got your message. Videos also help drive traffic to your web site. Search engines now offer video as part of their search results. With proper SEO, videos can drive and increase traffic to your site that might otherwise be directed elsewhere.
Custom Cloud Applications                  Contact us to discuss your Custom Cloud Application.  Custom built cloud based applications can do just about anything. Streamline your procedures and interactions with your clients. Creating software applications that can securely be accessed over the web, to manage various aspects of your business can save you thousands of dollars. We have helped many companies realise maximum cost savings through these solutions. We have built solutions for mobile mechanics, accommodation providers and heavy equipment manufacturers to name a few.
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Web Design                                               Contact us to discuss your Web Site requirements. Of paramount importance are the individual and unique requirements of our clients. We strive to implement our clients ideas, needs and objectives while remaining within their budget parameters and deadlines. Our sites are created and developed using the latest technology and are easy to access and navigate. They are designed to download quickly and to effect maximum impact on the targeted audience.
Mobile Web                                                      Contact us to discuss your Mobile Web Site. People relate to your brand more when you offer a good mobile experience. Customers are more likely to return to your website later on a desktop. 90% of people report moving between devices, or "multi-screening", to accomplish a task. When your mobile experience is optimised for functionality and consistency it fosters trust and affinity with users. By providing mobile visitors with an appropriate and intuitive user experience you will engage visitors for longer and drive more of them to purchase or make an enquiry.
eCommerce                                                   Contact us to discuss your eCommerce needs. We can integrate state of the art eCommerce solutions into your web strategy. Secure on-line shopping cart or booking systems make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
Search Engine Optimisation                       Contact us to discuss your SEO requirements.      We know how to maximise your presence on the internet using search engine and directory submissions; without having to spend big dollars. We also supply our clients with useful tactics that successfully integrate their web site strategies into day to day business and marketing activities.
The applications of cloud computing are practically limitless. Improving your operations in the most cost-effective manner possible is a major concern for managers and owners. Cloud based applications bring the advantages of cost-effectiveness, ease of implementation, and a lower cost of purchase to your business. BenefitsFor most small business managers, saving time and money is the most important benefit of cloud-computing applications.  AccessibilityCloud based applications can be accessed by any computer or tablet using an Internet connection. Applications are installed on a server which is accessible 24/7/365. This is the ideal solution for people who are always on the move or those working from home or other locations outside their business. Customers and clients can also access online services offered by the business. ScalabilityScalability is also an advantage in a cloud environment.  As your business grows, additional resources can be added in the environment to support growth and changes in your business.  Case Study #1A large Security Company had all their Patrol Officers log individual patrols on paper. For each shift, every Patrol Officer must sign out a vehicle, make a declaration and log all Patrols for each client. All this information must then be manually added into a PC at the end of each day. iVent Services were commissioned to design and build a Tablet and Smartphone optimised Cloud Application to allow the Patrol Officers to carry iPads with them and enter all their information into the Cloud App, from Shift start to Vehicle sign-out, to Patrol Logs and Alarm Dockets. The business owners now have real-time online access to all Patrol activity. Manual entry has been eradicated. Administrators can add, remove and revoke Patrol Officers as necessary, as well as designate Patrol circuits to individual Officers. Case Study #2A large manufacturing company wans’t able to get their quotes out in time. The process for constructing a quote for the customer was complex due to the nature of the equipment, parts and variations involved. Also, the process for the customer to request a quote was cumbersome and didn’t make for a good interactive experience between client and supplier. Working with our client, we built a cloud application that took care of the complexity of the quoting process and also facilitated their customers in submitting quotations. Our client now processes more quotes than ever, taking much less time. They’ve also received great feedback from their customers who use the new quoting system. Case Study #3 A Mobile Mechanic spends his working day travelling to his customer’s premesis to service their vehicles. He logs all work and information for the customers vehicle on his clipboard. At night he spends time entering all the information from the clipboard into the computer. After discussion and consultation with our client we built a cloud based application which runs on his iPad. Now, all services are recorded on the iPad and the information is instantly available back at his office saving him time and money. We will be looking to expand the app to automatically send his customers reminders when their next service is due, as well as other information pertinent to each individual customer. Case Study #4 A major food safety consultancy provides food safety services to food industries such as manufacturers, hotels, aged care facilities, restaurants, clubs, schools, importers, exporters and primary industry businesses. They have clients all over the globe and need to safely and securely distribute reports and information to their clients both individually and en masse. We worked with the client to develop a web application allowing each client to log in and view their own reports, documentation, updates and audits, as well as manage their information with ease. Contact us to discuss how we can help streamline your systems, facilitate better customer experiences and save you time and money.
Hi Vent, Thank you to you and your team for designing such a great myrepayments website!!!   I really appreciate your speed and quick response to everything.   Thanks again Vent, see you on the next one.   Kind regards, Jody Van Jour Finance Manager Hi Bryan, I wanted to thank you “on the record” for helping me sort through and set up the Library Conference part of the PCS website. You have always done just as I have wanted (and more) and have helped me so much in learning how to do this and that. As forgetful as I have been you have shown patience and kindness even when you are terribly busy yourself. It’s been a new venture for me and I look forward to starting from fresh in a month or two.   Thanks Helen Thompson Teacher Librarian/iCentre Manager Dear Bryan, Evan, Gerlinde, Harris, Lynne and Vent,   "RE: 12-12-11 – 12-12-12   One year ago, on 12-12-11, my website, established in June 1998, was re-launched by iVent Services.   With some 830,000,000kB transferred, 1,300,000 visits recorded, 18,500,000 files returned, and 26,000,000 hits to date, and a few little glitches ironed out along the way, I am now in a position to evaluate and fully appreciate the functionality and performance of the site.   Feedback received from visitors worldwide, including speech-language pathology consumers, students and professionals, is overwhelmingly favourable. Usually judging the site primarily on the content of the articles and the availability of free resources, they have also appreciated its ‘look’, accessibility, navigability, beauty and design – all down to iVent.   Formal international recognition came on 12-12-12 US Eastern Time in the form of a 2012 Edublog Award for Best Teacher Blog. The site was actually the winner in this category! As a website owner, my experience with iVent Services has been unvaryingly positive. I am grateful for your many and varied skills, talents, areas of expertise and commitment to service, and look forward to an enduring association with you all."   Best wishes, Caroline Bowen Speech Language Therapy Hello Bryan,   "I would like to thank you for your efforts and help in getting the online store up and running for me, It was a pleasure to work with you and I found you very helpful. I am looking forward to seeing this online store provide me with valuable business and make transactions easier for my clients."   Kind Regards, Troy Wiggins Marketing Manager JettDirect "We were recommended to iVent by chance.  A client of ours said, 'These are the people you should get to do your website.  They're great.' That's exactly what we found. They are great.  Their welcome and willingness to listen is friendly and perceptive.  Their design and delivery is excellent.  We are pleased with the website and grateful to Vent and his team.  I would recommend iVent Services to any company, group or individual, wanting value for money, design and technical excellence, and satisfaction. Kayt Raymond Managing Director Shine International Pty Ltd "As a development executive and consultant in the film & TV industry, I constantly work with people all around the world. In the past few years my role has extended to include project management of valuable marketing websites for some of the very worthy organisations I deal with. I’ve constantly used web-building services in Seattle, Chicago, Baton Rouge and New Orleans since 2005. After moving permanently to Leura in 2009, I decided to try a local business to see if anyone could provide anything on par with the great service and competitive pricing I was already receiving in the United States. After all, with internet broadband, why do we need to think locally anymore? To my surprise, I found iVent Services only 3 minutes from my front door. That’s a little closer than the US! However, more importantly I found a team of friendly experts that reminded me of something I don’t often experience in Internet based Project Management: good old fashion friendly personal service. Even more important to this, I discovered a competent pro-active team not shy to express frontline ideas and capable of developing a good idea into something fantastic! What more could a client want? iVent Services has been very efficient in delivering productive results while providing a competitive and strong value for money service. As a result, a number of my offshore and out of town projects are being redeveloped and staged from here in the Blue Mountains with the iVent Services team. The answer to the question, 'Why should we need to think locally any more in the new world of broadband?' is best answered by an obvious question: Why would you go elsewhere, when the best is already here?" Hereward Dundas-Taylor Give Them A Go Group Pty Ltd "I couldn't be more thrilled or pleased about the website and I appreciate all the hard work everyone at iVent Services has put in. I have greatly enjoyed working with you Vent, from beginning to completion, and have greatly appreciated your thorough, respectful and highly professional approach. You captured the essence of what Mindful Connections is about very early in the piece because you genuinely listen to what's being said - I find this a rare commodity in businesses these days."   Best wishes Patrice Thomas Mindful Connections "Hi Vent,   That looks great! I am really impressed with your website at the moment. It looks so professional and slick. I really feel very good about being part of a company that keeps pushing the boundaries. Well done!"   Warm Regards, Chris "My life has been greatly blessed by a variety of career and personal highlights.One of the areas of life which I get a huge thrill from is working with individuals, teams and companies who reflect excellence in every aspect of their business.During my time as UK & Australia, CEO of one of the world’s leading cosmetic and fragrance companies I had numerous occasions where I needed to deal with, or oversight, key investments in marketing expenditure, many with companies in your specific field of expertise. Not one of these entities even comes close to the outstanding relationship and leading edge results which I have experienced dealing with iVent Services. Your personal manner, commitment to do everything possible to assist and efficiency in terms of turn around is without peer, in my opinion. Your creative approach is in harmony with the brief and your willingness to objectively discuss potential modifications renders you a member of a very small group of leading edge professionals. May I also say that whenever I have encountered any member of your staff I have been treated with the highest commitment, quiet unassuming professionalism and this has further enhanced my already high opinion of your company. Thank you for all you have done with Achieving Excellence. We look forward to our next project with you and your team." Best wishes, Ian Lucas Managing Director Achieving Excellence Pty Ltd "Hi Vent Thanks again for all your help so far - your accessability and service has been much better than any provider of any internet service I can think of."Sincerely, Dylan Jones - Blue Mountains Adventure Company "iVent Services have proved to be the best hosting and design business that I have used. The staff have been extremely prompt in producing our website and have resolved any issues that have arisen from time to time with remarkable speed and good humour. I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone seeking a first class internet organisation."Geoff Bott - Blue Mountains Getaways"Whilst I am here, allow me to congratulate you on your site. I book a lot of stuff from the computer, both here and overseas, and yours is very user friendly and informative. Well done!"Cheers, Gary  "I would firstly like to thank you for helping us to create an amazing new website this year. It was a lot of hard work but we made it happen! Your professionalism and great service have helped us bring this new business to fruition in record time and we have nothing but praise for your efforts. I am really looking forward to a long and successful association with you and I really hope we work on more exciting projects with iVent in future." Warm Regards, Chris Tourgelis - OPUS Design "In a commercial world characterized by optimistic promises and exaggerated service claims, it’s always refreshing to deal with people who “perform”. Such was my experience with iVent Services in the construction of my new website. I felt that Vent and his Team under-promised and then over-delivered, resulting in a most pleasant and productive end result. I recommend their services unreservedly." John Bryant - Pavermaker "Thank you for your ongoing helpfulness and promptness in all matters. I just checked the Christine Townend page and the colours look good. Your business is a role model.Best wishes, Christine Townend "Thank you very much for your work on my website. I am very pleased with the final product and have received positive feedback from those who have already viewed it.I was particularly impressed with the speed and ease at which my website was made 'live'. It was with some trepidation that I embarked on the project to build a website as I have heard horror stories about building webpages and dealing with web designers. My fears were unfounded - I found iVent Services both professional and efficient - you also gave me some good advice! I would be pleased to recommend iVent Services to anyone wishing to build a website." Jennifer Long - Visual Ergonomics "Hi Vent and Gerlinde, Just a quick note to let you both know how delighted I am with our website. It represents our philosophy and unique product beautifully. I have forwarded the initial impression from professional friends of ours after viewing the site - we asked for their impression. That says it all. We LOVE our new website and continue to get fantastic comments about it so we're delighted to have teamed up with you guys this year." Mike Corkin - Dargan Springs "WOW guys this is fantastic. The new branding and everything you have done is top class. The website is so good I want to talk to the designers about my two sites in the future. CONGRATULATIONS on a new look, branding and image.The Klems" "iVent Services opens the wisdom of the ages to all who like me are wanting a first class website constructed and maintained. Vent’s knowledge and assistance fill in very much as “The Missing Manual” whose philosophy is simple “anything is possible, and nothing is too much trouble, even the little things.” This is a family business, with very competitive rates with a reliable, honest and timely service. Those fortunate enough to secure the services of this company will be pleasantly surprised to find a professional, helpful and courteous manner in the way Gerlinde runs the administrative side of the business making the company an absolute pleasure to deal with." Michael Starkey CND - CertainWay Solutions "Having had absolutely no clue about website design or construction, and really not knowing where to begin, we contacted iVent Services. From the first introduction, Vent and his staff have been so kind and knowledgeable with our torrent of questions and so patient with our lack of knowledge and understanding about on-line shopping systems and e-commerce. They have translated our ideas into reality and created a user-friendly website which far exceeded our expectations, and which has drawn nothing but praise and admiration! They have ‘dropped everything’ to respond to our last minute requests and worked tirelessly on perfecting our on-line store at short notice. We are so thankful for the wonderful website they have created for us, and we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending iVent Services to anyone! Thank you so much!" Brenda & Peter Murphy - Victoria Lane "I think you guys have done a wonderful job creating the site, but more importantly, it was just such a pleasure to work with you guys. It’s rare to find such professionalism in the mountains, or indeed, anywhere. So thanks."Soozie Farquhar - Indigo Spa "I thought I would drop you a line to say how great the processes you have put in are. The gallery, forum and calendar are wonderful.Also, I wanted to let you know we have been getting some wonderful feedback concerning our website - all seems to be going extremely well."Angelo Belmonte - Catholic Education Office Diocese of Bathurst "Thank you for your wonderful work and your tireless effort and patience. We are ever so impressed with our new website and look forward to your involvement in the future development of the site". "I would just like to thank you for our second website. It has ben nearly 5 years since our first website which was a very good tool in the business, but this one is great. It has everything we need... for now. Thank you for suggesting and training me in the Photo Gallery, this will make life a lot easier now that I can manage it myself. We are very happy with the website. Thanks for all your hard work it has finally paid off."Maria & Domenic Scarpari - Domcrete "Thank you for the new Web site you have designed for us. We had a Web site for almost three years with very little enquiry and none of it relevant. Within days of our new site going up we have had significant response and made two large sales as a direct result of those enquiries".Julie Neumann - Mountains Warmth "I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation for your professionalism and expertise in the design, implementation and on going support of our website. From the beginning when I approached you with my concept for the site through to the launch of the site in August 2002 your ability to transform my ideas and needs into a highly user friendly site far exceeded my expectations. I have had nothing but positive feedback from users and customers alike. Thanks again for your terrific work".Chris Robinson - Director Monthly Publication Group "I have very much appreciated your commitment to follow up and detail, and the way you have taken my raw material and mounded it into a site which creatively captures the essence of my business. I also appreciate your clear explanations of the complex digital world and the way a web site can be used effectively as a marketing tool".Paul Cosgrave - "The feedback we are getting on our site is very positive and was given the ultimate reference recently when another real estate agent commented on its attractive design and ease of use. Vent is easy to communicate with and open to ideas, while sharing his vast knowledge of the various technologies he works with. He patiently answers any question, no matter how 'silly' or how 'technical' not only on our web site but on anything to do with Apple Computers. Orders for hardware and software are delivered promptly". Sharon Tofler - Hartley Realty "Many thanks for your assistance on the smooth integration of Snake and Whimsy Curios into Cyberspace. We appreciate how you didn't baffle us with jargon and kept the whole process very human. We would never have been able to get our business vision onto the net without your guidance and skills. The site you have built for us appeals to all psychographics!"Tracie Tait - "When I approached iVent Services about my web site, I had some idea as to what I wanted, but had trouble explaining how I wanted it to look. After one meeting with iVent they designed a web site that exactly suited my needs. I found their service friendly and professional and their after sales service is exceptional."Sue Martin - Munchkin Knits
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